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In 1878, it was discovered through a series of twelve photographs that, in fact, all four of a horse’s legs are suspended in mid-air at a full gallop. When played back at twelve frames per second, they created the illusion of movement.


12FPS is a full-service creative agency based in San Francisco, California and Santa Fe, New Mexico. We tell stories through video, animation, interactive design, and social media campaigns.

Artist Profile on @wisslaren

City of Santa Fe



In order to stimulate entrepreneurship and tourism in a never-before-seen way for the City Different, 12FPS was hired by the City of Santa Fe Economic Development Department after a RFQ process in spring of 2014. 12FPS then set out to harness the power of one of the most powerful social media platforms that exists: Instagram.


12FPS executed a widely successful campaign, #HowToSantaFe, reaching nearly 5 million people with over 50 million impressions. One of the influencers we brought to Santa Fe for the project, Christoffer Collin/@wisslaren, sat down with us to talk about Instagram, his editing techniques, and the inspiration he found in Santa Fe.

Imagine Futures

Creative Santa Fe



In early 2014, the City of Santa Fe passed a resolution for the Arts + Creativity Center and received a match grant to help in the next phase. A call for proposals was put out for local developers, and in July of 2014 a local developer for the Arts + Creativity Center was selected. 12FPS was tasked with creating a video to showcase the myriad of reasons why the Arts + Creativity Center is a much-needed resource for creative entrepreneurs in Santa Fe.

SONY PXW-FS7 Unboxing



The Sony PXW FS7 just arrived at 12FPS. Here is our spin on the traditional un-boxing video/first look footage. All footage was shot in our Santa Fe office environment on the same day we opened the box.

If We Make It


Music Video


This was a unique situation of people, time, magic and confetti falling into place. In one week we had to pull together a music video for Poolside. The stars aligned and in less than two days we met, brainstormed, found the perfect vogue dancers and filmed the video. Complete with a behind the scenes video on our blog which captures the the magic of the process!

State of Create

Adobe Systems

Animated Infographic


Who doesn’t love clear and understandable infographic? Adobe was headed to the 2012 Cannes Festival and needed an infographic on findings about attitudes towards creativity at work, school, and home. The challenge was to create this in one week from storyboarding to animation that presented very clearly. Art is problem solving.

Lytro Creative Moms

Lytro/Target/Best Buy

In-Store Advertisement


Seeing as we have an intimate relationship with cameras, when Lytro asked us to create a few videos for their international release, our little camera hearts pounded. Lytro is the first camera of its kind to record the entire light field, which allows you to focus after the photograph is taken. Our mission was to highlight the “reinvention of photography” to an audience that might have never seen or heard of the camera on a consumer level.

First Rite Fall Collection

First Rite Clothing

Fashion Lookbook


We wanted to perpetuate First Rite’s aesthetic based around minimal, architectural shapes and neutral colors by capturing the human body in motion. Inspired by designer Nikki Garcia’s Fall ‘12 Collection, we filmed at an abandoned dairy ranch in Point Reyes, California. The video captures the essence of the new line and artfully plays with the concept of feminine silhouettes.

Monkey Light Pro


Promotional Product Premiere


MonkeyLectric knew the world had never seen something like the Monkey Light Pro when they launched their Kickstarter. The world’s most advanced bike light needed a video that would expose its wonder and ability to spin digital graphics inside bike wheels. Filming the wheel display in action posed a challenge, since it relies on the human eye and persistence of vision. Through experimentation, research, and late nights, we found the sweet spot where physics and beautiful images mingle. It was an adrenaline filled project that included professional riders popping wheelies on fixies, and of course, laser cats.


Satellite Republic

Recipe Film


Satellite Republic mission is to bring the cuisine of the former satellite states of the Soviet Union to the Bay Area. The goal with our client was to create a relate-able and guided recipe film. The meal was cooked on a 1980s moped, equipped with a tandoor, in Sonoma. From start to finish, star chef Boris Portnoy advised us through neighborhood farms and wild foraging to find a majority of the ingredients that make this traditional meal of a winter feast.


12FPS is a creative agency dedicated to solving your problems and then some.

In 2011 we started as a one man show creating educational content for youth around the world to inspire their voices for change. The nuances of youthful approach to trends, storytelling, and visions of the future have seeped into the lifeblood of 12FPS. We’ve hit a growth spurt in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district, running with a herd of pioneer creatives to raise the caliber of production for our clients.

Essential to our process is the saturation of diverse creative voices and collaborations in the company we keep. Our team of new wave technologists is willing to take on any challenge to execute your vision effectively and elegantly.

Staying ever relevant, we live in that moment where strong ideas survive.

Adam Shaening-Pokrasso

Paving the foundation for 12FPS, Adam has built a foundation for the team held together by principles of ambition and risk. With a background in conceptual fine art and over 15 years of video and sound exploration, he continues to hone his technical chops and create waves in the ocean of trends. Working alongside big brand clients, mentoring media makers around the world, and always thinking big, Adam values a sense of vitality across all his uniquely collaborative ventures. He’s cultivated a hard working environment here at 12FPS, and to take a load off, he’s perfecting that scrumptious loaf of sourdough.

Dwight Burks

Dwight Burks hails from every two-word named city you can think of--Santa Fe, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Hood River, and on. A worldly traveler and collector of bikes, he will climb mountains and ride down as fast as gravity will summon him. No stranger to the diverse and daring, Dwight left a world of high finance to follow his passion for producing films. His analytical background lets him orchestrate complex projects to wonderful results. His recent projects include Lytro, Adobe, and the band Poolside.

Heidi Petty
Creative Director/Producer

Heidi Petty specializes in video work that transforms the boundaries of sound in film. She's originally from Alaska, is fascinated with the intersection of cinema and human nature, and wonders if we are indeed living in computer simulation. She developed her creative and directing styles by working on take-a-way shows, music videos, and documentaries. Her inspiration to perpetuate more beauty in the world is informed by a delicate approach to creative directing. We can safely say Heidi's kindergarten ambition to become an author is achieved with her visual twist on it of course.

Erin Azouz
Producer/Social Media Strategist

Erin was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. While earning her degree in Photography & Media from CalArts, she took a photo class that brought her to the Southwest, including Santa Fe, where she's been living, working and adventuring since 2009. In 2011 she opened an Instagram account and her love for photography was rekindled. She loves capturing beauty through photography and sharing it with the world. In a past life Erin was a singer/songwriter and she dreams of owning an Earthship one day.

Seth Fuller
Director of Photography

Seth Fuller is originally from Carlsbad, New Mexico and prides himself as a "visual storyteller" and works with the Santa Fe, New Mexico team. Growing up Seth dreamed of being a professional football player. Though he has yet to play in the NFL, his area's of expertise are as varied as his sock selection including, graphic design, motion graphics, video editing and cinematography. Seth can be found reading camera manuals when he's not on set.

Winston Merchan

Winston Merchan is an orthodox ride or die colleague. Working in the editing cave here at 12FPS, he listens to punk rock while rendering and is likely eating a burrito. His resourcefulness landed him a job for a TV sports show and political campaign while on vacation in Ecuador. Never not working, his credits vary from making the title sequence for a film about a young prostitute to editing international documentaries. You can find him tinkering with 3D film photography on the regular.

Adam Kennedy
Editor/Motion Designer

Adam Kennedy is an all star technologist of internet fame for his photo art project entitled "Planet Universe," where he transformed San Francisco's old fire hydrants into planets. His editing work has been featured and awarded at film festivals around the world. Adam is driven by the collective love of storytelling at our headquarters, and is ready for anything that comes his way. Working at 12FPS is the closest fulfillment of a childhood dream to work in a crayon factory.

Leah Pokrasso
Art Director/Illustrator

Originating from the high altitude Sangre de Cristo peaks in Southern Colorado and with a deep love for wild flowers, Leah is the 12FPS illustrator with a unique hand-drawn style. Her eye for beauty and balance guides the 12FPS team in our every effort to convey style and authenticity. Leah's known for her work in holistic health and the nutrition found in traditional diets from around the world. She never misses a beat when it comes to lunch.

Taylor McCarthy

Taylor grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His favorite subject in high school was chemistry because his teacher was a retired physicist from LANL. He’s always tinkered with technology – breaking and fixing the family computer countless times, experience that he continues to draw from today. Taylor is our resident accountant and IT whiz and assists on video and photo shoots. Growing up, his childhood dream was to be Tony Stark. He wasn't interested in being a super hero or fighting crime -- he just wanted to be an eccentric billionaire inventor. So far he’s fulfilled his dreams of being eccentric and an inventor, so he’s 2/3rds of the way to living his childhood dream! Not bad, Taylor. Not bad.

Susy Alfaro
Academic Trainee

Susy is a citizen of the world. Born in Costa Rica, she has a knack for languages, switching between English and Spanish on a daily basis and adding French or Italian for good measure. She has focused on expressing her thoughts through the power of the visual image. She came to Santa Fe to study film for a semester and fell in love with the city and its artistic essence, so naturally relocated once she could. She wants to tell stories about the world and the human condition.


Our team naturally follows the cultural pulse towards bold ideas. Itching to toy around outside our regularly scheduled program, we’ve set aside one night of the week for “La Academia.” Here, we concoct experiments, test creative boundaries, simulate exercises to hone our crafts and breathe life into our wild ideas. Every week, a new hypothesis is confirmed or busted.

As children of the internet, our collective intelligence is the engine that drives our passion and curiosity.

Peep behind the screen → laacademia.12fps.com




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